Smart industry

The 4th industrial revolution brings large changes in areas like production, support and maintenance. Which aspect is dominant differs per production process, but it may be larger than you think.

The impact of Industrial IoT on support and maintenance may be huge. The production process becomes smarter, with more intelligence in each machine. Optimalisation of the machines asks for a multi-disciplinary team. The experience from the factory combines with the expertise of the machine builder.

Ideally the machine expert can watch the machine remotely at any time, while active in the production process. A complete team of experts when required. This requires Internet access, which must be secure and under the control of the user of the machine, being able to control what the expert may and may not see remotely.

Besides optimisation, the machine builder can take responsibility for the performance of the machine. It becomes simpler to agree on an SLA, with KPIs for the machine, related to the production process. Uptime and service ability become important for the machine builder, and shifts the focus to cost efficient maintenance, with a win-win for the builder and user of the machine.

FIGO solutions

FIGO offers the possibility for “remote diagnostics” in an industrial environment. FIGO bridges the machine at the customer and your expertise as manufactorer or service provider. The FIGO Sensor Portal combines the machine’s measurement data. You control the sensors on the machines, you follow the machines condition remotely, and can act in the right time.

The smart industry solution aims at simultaneously improvement of the industrial process, reduction of mainteance cost and of energy consumption.

Tailor made

FIGO provides standardized access to sensors, though you may required a tailor made solution. Excellent, as the FIGO sensor solution contains building blocks that can be used as required. As the access is standardized, configuration and extension is easy to realize.

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