Security at temporary locations

Temporary locationsFIGO offers an effective en efficient solution for security at temporary locations. FIGO is much in use for security at construction sites and events. FIGO offers here a balanced combination of security techniques.

FIGO Solution

FIGO offers the essential connectivity. Each security camera is accompanied by a FIGO Mobile Node. It maintains communication via multiple operators with the FIGO Back Office Node. When one operator fails communication continues via the other one. The Mobile Node based watchdog continuously checks the operation of the communication, and restores this when needed.

Besides camera based security FIGO offers the possibility to apply diverse sensors to secure your valuable objects. The FIGO Sensor Gateway & Portal offer a standardized and convenient method to connect very divers sensors.

Control room connection

Security involves typically a control room. An efficient control room process requires excellent information from the field. The robust communication and the convenient interface of sensors cater for a seamless integration of FIGO in your control room system.

Want to know more how FIGO fits seamlessly into your control room, and how this simplifies remote security? Feel free to call or mail