Presence registration


Both in relation to liability for social security as for safety measures, main contractors are at all times responsible for knowing who is at a construction site. Under penalty of high fines, a contractor most be able to show identity, licenses and certificates of all own staff and of its subcontractors.

As construction sites are typically somewhat chaotic and ad-hoc, the contractor has already a challenge to know who is present when. This does not only hold for the above mentioned inditity requirement, but also for the registration of working hours. This situation is not unique to construction. Many professional situations are comparable.

FIGO solution

FIGO offers you the ability to register presence in a convinient way. Each emplyee receives a personal badge. This badge can be ready remotely. No need for checking in or out.

Additionally, presence is visible continuously. An area can be zoned, creating visibility of the emplyees location on site. Both practical and more safe.


FIGO has a working solution, but you wat it taylor-made. That is perfect, because the FIGO sensor solution contains building blocks that can be arranged as you like. As the solution is standardized, the configuration and extensions are realized easily.

Want to know how you can register presence conviniently with FIGO? Feel free to call or mail