Reliable communication for PPDR


PPDR organisations choose FIGO’s cognitive radio technology as it provides maximum availability of communication, even under difficult circumstances. Moreover as the information may have legal implications, FIGO provides security.

The PPDR organisations are ready for incidents that requires the ultimate. With increasing slae, data communication become essential.

FIGO Solution

PPDR organisations have trailers as a communications and control center. In addition regular functional vehicles are used. Several vehicles are equipped with a FIGO Mobile Node. The FIGO Back Office Node is in the PPDR’s intranet. The trailer is front office in the field and contains the server with gathered evidence.

Every FIGO Mobile Node can maintain the connection with the FIGO Back Office Node via multiple operators. It can also use satellite communication in addition or even a wired connection.

More possibilities

When FIGO nodes are within each reach, they create their own ad-hoc network, enabling direct communication. Besides direct communication at the crime scene, the FIGO Mobile Nodes become one another’s repeaters.

Each FIGO Mobile Node is also a WLAN Access Point. Mobile devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones become part of the network.

FIGO creates a transparent IP tunnel, through which the LTFO team members are virtually simultaneous at the on scene front office and in the KLPD/LTFO back office. This implies easy access to all relevant information and easy remote management of the network and the connected equipment.

FIGO also creates the essential security. The VPN connection is maintained using certificates. A valid certificate issued by the FIGO Back Office Node in the KLPD network is one of the prerequisites to access the network whatsoever.

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