Communication for emergency doctors

emergency doctors

Emergency doctors choose FIGO as it offers secure, reliable and mobile Intranet. Emergency doctors provide urgent general practitioners medical care during the evening or night. If possible the patient comes to the post, otherwise the doctor visits the patient, if needed using the siren.

FIGO solution

The doctor has a special vehicle, and is accompanied with a special driver. While on route, the doctor can access the medical files and prepare for the visit and report afterwards.

The vehicle contains a FIGO Mobile Node. This unit maintains communication with the post via multiple operators. the Mobile Node monitors the quality of the connection, and selects the best one available. Particularly in the outskirts, radio signals become scarce. The FIGO Mobile Node continues the communication.

BrancardFIGO creates a transparent IP-tunnel. The doctor is virtually part of the own network. This enables the doctor to access his own information, as if he in at the post. In addition maintenance of vehicle based equipment is very simple.

FIGO provides the essential security. The VPN connection is based on certificates. A valid certificate from the FIGO Back Office Node is only one of the preconditions for access to the system whatsoever.

The FIGO Mobile Node is also a WLAN Access Point. This provides even more freedom to the emergency doctor to access the relevant medical files.

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