Working at FIGO

FIGO is innovative, with space for open minded people. FIGO offers an environment with cooperation, commitment, trust, respect and involvement. Every person is esteemed for his or her own expertise, and can develop further within the FIGO domain.

Working at FIGO

We challenge the adventure of the next generation of wireless and mobile communications together. Being part of the FIGO team, you connect state-of-the-art technologies to contemporary communication needs. Roles in our company vary from research and development tot B2B marketing and sales. Combining the strengths of individuals FIGO is looking form professionals that build and accelerate FIGO’s solutions and technologies.

Follow your ambition

FIGO employees define their own future. FIGO is a flat organization. Your own initiative, perseverance and personal entrepreneurial behavior are crucial. Taking up responsibility and translating ideas into action. It is not about what you have done previously, it’s about creating results as part of our team. We are looking for people that let FIGO flourish even more, and connect solutions even better to the customers’ needs.

When this vision fits your ideas, you are the person we are looking for. Please let us know what your contribution might be.