About us

  • FIGO is expert in remote monitoring & control for demanding applications with respect to reliability, security and manageability. Such applications can be found in domains like public safety, private security, smart industry and large scale sensor systems.

    FIGO offers both products and services. While FIGO products find their way in the market, new versions are created continuously. Long term developments and short term application fuse in our organisation, while FIGO materializes this into regular releases of the FIGO product line.

    FIGO is a high-tech product organisation with a strong focus on open innovation. FIGO executes all research & development activities in cooperation with suppliers, customer and partners. These activities are bundled in projects with regional, national and international partners.

    FIGO builds on a team of committed engineers. FIGO combines the strength of these professionals into solutions that fit your needs. Co-creation within FIGO and with you.

  • Innovation