Real time systems

  • FIGO offers insight into your process. This may be a direct view through video, but mostly combined with sensors and data. FIGO integrates real time systems in your applicaion for direct insight from a distance.

Detection techniques

Insight starts with detection. FIGO is independant from specific detection techniques, but includes the appropriate technique suitable for the application. Some examples:

  • Video

    FIGO has experience with video systems, including local storage, compressions, transport and management of stored videos. Numerous choices, each with their individual consideration, where FIGO can assist in making the right choice.

  • RFID

    RFID is a vear effective means for short and long range identification. FIGO has experience with RFID and can integrate this into your application.

  • WLAN / Bluetooth

    WLAN and Bluethooth can be used to connect peripherals, but can als also act as sensors as such. FIGO has experience in tracking smartphones and carkits using WLAN and Bluetooth as sensor.

  • Sensors

    There is a vast amount of sensors. Many of which are application specific. FIGO applies generic and application specific sensors and can integrate those into your application.

Stand-alone operation

Our applications run very frequently stand-alone on remote locations. Reliability is essential in such cases. FIGO assumes the solution always needs to be able to operate stand-alone. Various watchdog functions in FIGO equipment can check and connect not only its own functioning, but also the functioning of peripherals being part of the overal solution.

Synchronisation of data

Your system operates in the field. For nearly any system choices must be made on where information should be processed and stored, and where it needs to be available. Should this be in the field on in the office? Or should it be on both locations? What about security? What if the connection fails?

FIGO has extensive experience with the synchronisation of data between local and the central application. And in both directions.

Please contact us and ask for the possibilities.