• FIGO offers communication you can trust. FIGO is reliable, secure and easy to manage. All based on the technology that matches the challenges.

  • Network

Mobile communication

The selection of technology depends on your application. FIGO utilizes radio technology of choice for the application. In particular combining technologies offers additional opportunities. FIGO combines broadband 4G communication with wireless technologies like WLAN and Bluetooth and narrowband solutions like LoRa and NB-IoT or local sensor networks into a single system.

Robust through multiple paths

Every network has its own reliability. Coverage, congestion and system failure result in lack of availability. FIGO is more robust than a single network as it can choose from multiple networks. FIGO can select between operators, Satcom, WLAN or even wired alternatives. FIGO integrates over multiple technologies. FIGO does this below surface, so the end-use only notices improved communication.

Secure, closed network

FIGO offers you our own secured network, accessible through public infrastructures. This ensures that your data is safe. FIGO applies a mix of security measures, like VPN, data encryption, firewalls and certificates, to mention a few.

Ad-hoc network

A surplus feature is the creating of ad-hoc networks. FIGO Mobile Nodes create their own ad-hoc network, enabling direct communication. FIGO nodes can also be each others repeater. Information can flow via-via to the destination. This local ad-hoc network functions as an extension to the network, creating even more paths for robustness.

Central management

The network can be managed remotely. The FIGO Central Management System offers the manager convinient and clearly structured tools to manage and control the communication system. The network is in your hands.

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