Internet of Things

  • IoT connects nearly anything to Internet. Fit for use applications are endless where the solution matches the challenge. Each application the correct balance. FIGO provides a flexible solution, tuneable to your application, resulting in the overall solution to be “my IoT”.

  • Internet of Things

IoT for your organisation

IoT is the 4e industrial revolution. Innovation into the capillaries. Many indicate cost reduction as the main argument, but discover soon that also completely new business models are within reach. FIGO has ectensive experience with respect to IoT and is ready to help you discover what IoT can do for your organisation. U are in the center in the step to efficiency and a new approach.

FIGO for your IoT solution


The IoT starting point is the connection of machines, devices, sensors and people. And mostly wirelessly. The technology of choice depends on your application. FIGO offers possibilities for continuous broadband 4G communication, combined with narrowband solutions like LoRa, NB-IoT or local sensornetworks in one system.

From data into information

IoT produces an exponential amount of data of all connected devices. The user in the center implies that this flood of data needs to be processed to become useful information. What data to process locally? What to store? When in data useful? In the end, when it serves the process. FIGO offers possibilities to transform the huge amount of data into useful information.

Simple management

IoT offers the possiblity to measure very much. Management is key for control. FIGO offers simple control over your IoT enabled devices, and provides clear dashboards. You have the control in your hands.

Secure, closed network

FIGO offers you our own secured network, accessible through public infrastructures. This ensures that your data is safe. FIGO applies a mix of security measures, like VPN, data encryption, firewalls and certificates, to mention a few.

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