• Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) is a major consumer of communication. In many situations it is even vital. The PPDR organisations therefore have high demands on mobile communication. Now and in the future. FIGO is a partner in the EU project SALUS , which focused on the future of communication for PPDR. The project ran from 2013 to 2016.

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SALUS investigated the future of mobile communications for PPDR. SALUS aimed to balance and develop the technical, organizational and economic aspects.

Een aantal speerpunten voor het onderzoek in SALUS waren:

  • Seamless mobility, Quality of Service en resilience
  • End-to-end security and privacy, and intrusion detection
  • Frequency spectrum
  • Enterprise Architecture


  • The consortium is European wide and diverse in backgrounds:

    • Industrial parties: Alcatel-Lucent International, Airwave (Operator), Cassidian;
    • SMEs: OneSource, Rohill, UbiTEL, FIGO;
    • Research Institutes: Fraunhofer-IOSB, Instituto de Telecomunicações;
    • Universities: Univ. Belgrade-School of EE, Kingston Univ. London, Univ. Ljubljana, Univ. Patras, Univ. Twente;
    • PPDR End-Users: Emergency Services College (ECS), Public Safety Com. Europe Forum (PSCE)
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Want to know more?

The SALUS project has its own website where you can learn more about this project. In addition, we are open to innovate together with you.