naamloosMaritime shipping is the logistics base of the international economy. For propulsion, seagoing vessels use heavy fuel oil, resulting in high CO2, SOX and NOX emissions. This can be greatly reduced. OASIS offers a solution to global marine shipping.


OASIS addresses this in a number of ways. OASIS introduces usage-dependent route optimization that takes into account weather, flow and arrival time at the port. In addition, OASIS provides trim optimization based on sensors and hydrodynamic properties of the ship to provide the ideal trim speed and conditions.

OASIS collects and analyzes sensor values ​​of navigation, the shipping engines and other ship systems on board. The results are used in addition to route and trim optimization, also for predicative maintenance, and for reporting the improvement of CO2, SOX and NOX emissions under required SECA reports.

Crucial for achieving large savings is transparent communication between stakeholders, both on board the ship and ashore. Given both the business economic sensitivity and the business critical side of the data gathered, OASIS realizes a well-secured and robust communication solution with role-based access.

OASIS combines state-of-the-art techniques in an innovative way. OASIS realizes a prototype and validates it in an operational setting.


This project has been made possible by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).