The garden SDSI

logo-the-garden‘The Garden’ is a Smart Industry FieldLab for open innovation, where experiments on the safe sharing of data between organizations are centered and a number of unique solutions for the Netherlands are being developed.

‘The Garden’ SDSI is a physical environment at the High Tech Systems Park, in which ICT products based on secure data sharing are introduced and rolled out, with which end-user experiments are performed under realistic conditions. This leads to solutions that are consistent with their practical use.


There are two challenges in the SDSI Proeftuin:

  • The safe exchange of data (ie all kinds of design, product and process-related information) between different parties in a smart supply network.
  • Building smart applications (Apps), which can be exchanged safely from data from different sources.

FIGO focuses on smart applications. FIGO realizes a SMART PRESENCE DATA real-time data stream for multiple applications, showing the location, status and context information of objects over time. The data can be based on a combination of location sources, so the location can be calculated, even when one of the sources is unavailable. Context and status information is especially related to objects related to the availability per object. The data is persistent so that historical information is also available.

The SMART PRESENCE DATA leads to a SMART PRESENCE APP, a combination of a smartphone app and a server environment. The smartphone app enables users to know where expertise is and what expertise is nearby. The app users provide information about themselves. In the app, users can also get information about nearby objects that are of interest to the user. Thus, a user will be able to search for consumables needed for his / her work.

An interactive SMART PRESENCE SCREEN shows what expertise the screen display location is, and can provide additional information about expertise and objects. A link is also made between the screen and the smartphone of visitors so that the information from the screen can be transferred directly to the smartphone.

In de applicaties spelen locatie informatie en data fusie een cIn the applications, location information and data fusion play a central role.entrale rol.


OP-Oost+ondertitel+EU-logo-CMYK-2014-11-D03.inddThis project has been made possible by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).