• FIGO conituously searches for innovative solutions for real life challenges. Innovation is finding the better solution to a contemporary problem. FIGO finds new knowledge and skills through cooperative projects with leading industries, universities and knowledge centers. We solve your challenge together with you, with new insights at hand.

Passing the boundary through cooperation

Our projects are characterized by an open dialogue with our partners. The ideal solution is found in co-creation. Open innovation makes that two know more. Sharing knowledge results in multiplication of the result.

Innovation projects

FIGO participates actively in various innovation projects. Some of these prjects are:

Agile Scrum

FIGO develops the application together with you. FIGO use Agile Scrum as development method. The regular intermediate feedback provides realignment. Working with FIGO is working together to make the application hit target. A real co-creation.

Which exciting idea will FIGO build together with you?