• FIGO IoT for monitoring & control

    IoT connects nearly anything to Internet. “Fit for use” solutions match the challenge and create endless applications. Each application with the correct balance. FIGO provides a flexible solution, tuneable to your application, resulting in the overall solution to be “my IoT”.
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  • Real time systems

    FIGO offers remote monitoring of your processes running remotely. Visibility can literally be a video image, but often combined with various sensors and data. FIGO has knowledge and experience with many real time systems, applied remotely, integrated with the application.

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  • FIGO network solutions

    FIGO offers a reliable, secure and simple to maintain network, as basis for mobile applications. Our customers apply FIGO in mission critical applications, as they rely on continuity of communication in difficult situations.

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  • Netwerken

  • FIGO innovative solutions

    FIGO continuously seeks innovative solutions for current challenges. FIGO builds the knowledge and experience in collaborative projects with leading industrial parties, universities and knowledge institutes. FIGO translates the results into easy at effective applications. Taylor-made if you like.

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  • Innovation small