Mobile Node MN3100

    • Dual SIM 4G modem with MIMO
    • Extendable to dual 4G modem
    • MIMO WLAN (Access Point, Client or Ad-hoc)
    • Extendable with 2 x SSD for data storage
    • VPN with watchdog
    • GPS
    • WAN
    • 2 x LAN
    • 2 x USB
    • 8/4 x digital in/out
    • RS232
    • DIN-rail mounting

  • The FIGO Mobile Node 3100 is a compact and surprisingly complete mobile router. This MN3100 integrates your mobile application in your network.

    The MN3100 builds on the latest generation mobile 4G communication and WLAN. MIMO creates better range and higher throughput. By default the MN3100 has dual SIM for increased reliability. The optional second 4G modem boosts the reliablity even further. In addition the MN3100 supports legacy radio technologies als fall back in case 4G is unreachable.

    The MN3100 optionally supports 1 or 2 SSDs for local storage of data. The storage capacity is be tuned to your application, and is available for storage of e.g. video images and in smart industry applications.

    The MN3100 has by default various interfaces, amoung which digital io and outputs with optocopter protection.

    The MN3100 continuously maintains a reliable VPN connection for transport of your real time information.

    The MN3100 is an intelligent mobiel platform that provides you in al your mobile information and communication needs.

    With FIGO you have a product that provides you reliable data communications. The modular construction allows for solutions that are future proof and flexible for a multitude of applications.

    What to know more about the FIGO Mobile Node? Feel free to call or mail