Back Office Node

  • bouwsteen-backoffice

    • 2 x VPN server
    • Firewall
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Central Management System
    • Sensor Portal

  • The FIGO Back Office Node is the central element of your FIGO network, and integrates devices in the field into your office environment. Your applications operates transparently, as if the complete network is at the office.

    As VPN concentrator, the FIGO Back Office Node secures your information. FIGO Mobile Nodes, and other end-user devices connect via VPN. Privacy of your information is secured over public and/or private networks.

    The Back Office Node offers a concise set of functions for effective operation of the network, like DHCP, fire walling and traffic monitoring.

    Every peripheral device has a unique IP address within the FIGO network. Either fixed or through DHCP. Both the FIGO Mobile Node as well as the FIGO Back Offcie Node can act as DHCP server. In addition numerous functions are present for effective configuration of the network.


    As central point in the network the Back Office Node needs maximum reliability. The Back Office Node therefore runs on highly reliable hardware. In order to increase the reliability even further FIGO supports the option for redundant Back Office Nodes, at physically separated locations.

    Central management

    FIGO is a managed network. The FIGO Central Management System normally runs at the FIGO Back Office Node. You may check status of Mobile Nodes and traffic statistics, manage configurations, and add or remove system elements.

    Sensor Portal

    The FIGO Back Office Node is the sensor portal for sensor applications. This function bundles measurement data and publishes these for specialized applications. The interface may be open for third parties.

    Installation and configuration

    FIGO takes care of seamless integration into your office environment. This is a default part of our offering.

    FIGO provides reliability, security and simplicity. The modular architecture makes it a future proof solution, flexibly utilized in a multitude of use cases.

    What to know more about the FIGO Back Office Node? Feel free to call or mail