• IoT for monitoring & control

    Within a few years Internet with connect everything. “Fit for use” solutions match the challenge and create endless applications. Each application the correct balance. FIGO provides a flexible solution, tuneable to your application, resulting in the overall solution to be “my IoT”.
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  • Network solutions

    FIGO offers a reliable, secure and simple to maintain network, as basis for mobile applications. Our customers apply FIGO in mission critical applications, as they rely on continuity of communication in difficult situations.
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  • Innovative projects

    FIGO continuously searches for innovative solutions together with leading indutry, universities and knowledge centers. FIGO translates the results into easy at effective applications. Taylor-made if you like.
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  • How does FIGO work?

  • Practical examples

    Temporary Locations Remote Management
    Pedestrian Mobility KLPD